How to Realize Water-borne Resin

From a professional point of view, the water-solubility of resin can be divided into two situations: external emulsification and internal emulsification. What knowledge does it have? Look at it:

The so-called external emulsification is the emulsion polymerization through the emulsion polymerization under the condition of emulsifier. The so-called internal emulsification method is to introduce hydrophilic base to the coating resin (such as carboxyl, sulfonic acid, etc.).

So, what is its production process?

1. Pre-dispersing, mixing pigments with some paints in a certain equipment to produce mixed color paste which belongs to the semi-finished product of pigments color paste and is conducive to subsequent grinding.

2. Dispersion by grinding. The pre-dispersed mixed color paste is fully dispersed by grinding and dispersing equipment to obtain the pigment color paste.

3. Painting, adding the remaining base material, other additives and solvents to the abrasive pigment paste, and adjusting the color when necessary to meet the quality requirements of the paint;

4. Purify packaging, remove all kinds of impurities and large particles through filtering equipment, and make finished coatings by packaging.

In addition, the solvent solubility, volatilization rate, viscosity, surface tension, safety and cost should be considered in resin selection.

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