Repair scheme of resin

If you want to know about the resin repair program, then you can refer to the following knowledge, hoping to bring a positive impact on your production activities.

1. The connection section between concrete tri-branch pipe and main pipe is the key point of repairing. In addition to impermeability requirements, the strength of the tunnel body should be improved. It is planned to paste three layers of epoxy resin glass fiber cloth for comprehensive reinforcement.

2. Epoxy resin mortar is re-covered in the original shrinkage joint at the individual seepage site. After curing under pressure, epoxy resin cement mortar is used to smooth the shrinkage joint. For regular circumferential cracks, grooving, grooving, filling elastic epoxy resin, making expansion joint treatment;

3. For irregular cracks, a crack stop is drilled at each end of the crack. The depth of the hole is about 1/15-1/12 of the thickness of the pipe wall, the width is about 5-6 cm, and the groove is funnel-shaped. The purpose is to prevent the crack from continuing to extend.
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